If you are running any sort of network or software application that requires access to sensitive information then you need to consider what type of security you require. If you are using Microsoft Windows or Linux as your operating system, you will find that all of these systems offer an excellent level of security. The way this works is that all of the applications and files are run under the security controls of the operating system and all of the network security is managed by the firewall. There is a great deal of work that goes into providing an extremely high level of security in Microsoft Windows operating systems, but even after you have installed the firewall and configured the network it still is possible to gain access to the system via some other means. In this case there are special security programs like EFS Security and Amazon EC2 Security that will provide an excellent level of protection.

In order to use an EFS Security Group’s program, you will first need to have an existing Microsoft Windows or Linux operating system and some form of file server, such as a NAS (network attached storage) server. The reason why you want a NAS is because you need to store some sort of configuration file such as your passwords. The next thing you need to do is download one of the EFS Security programs from the Internet and then install it onto the computer with the network security that you have already installed. You will find that you can configure a variety of security settings, including those for the network itself and for the file servers. After you have done this you will be able to set the security for the NAS to be either full access only.

Once you have done this you can then configure the EFS Security applications to block specific users, groups, or the IP address(es) from being able to access the file servers. The file servers are where most of the applications and data that you will want to protect will reside. The EFS Security programs will be able to block these file servers from being able to connect to the network so that you are guaranteed that only you have access to the data that you need. You will also be able to block certain types of IP addresses from accessing your network and will be able to create multiple security levels so that you are able to monitor and manage the levels that are on your network and your file servers.