A security officer is an individual hired by a private or governmental entity to protect their properties from a myriad of hazards, including vandalism, theft, and any other criminal acts against those assets that are used for personal and business purposes. Security officers are not just employed to patrol neighborhoods, but they also work as security guards for banks and other businesses. There is a great deal of work to be done in order to be certified as a security officer, and the training can vary greatly from state to state. The training that is required for the most basic level is the police academy, where students learn the basics of how to apprehend criminals and handle situations where there may be a need to restrain them.  security officer offers excellent info on this.

When a security officer job description is made, the person performing the duties has a very specific set of responsibilities. In some cases, the responsibility is to watch the property and keep it safe for the employer, while in other cases, the responsibility is to monitor and observe the property and make sure it is being operated in an appropriate manner. There are also security officer jobs that require the security officer to be on the grounds and perform specific tasks, such as taking photographs of the outside of the establishment. Other security officer jobs will require that the security officer is at a certain site when an event takes place, such as when a business has an event coming up. Other duties that may be required are to interview potential employees at the establishment, to conduct searches on those people and their vehicles, and to take the necessary steps when someone breaks the law. There are even situations in which the security officer may have to arrest somebody who is committing a crime, as long as the officer has probable cause to do so.

If you are interested in pursuing a security officer job description, it is important to contact a security recruitment company in your area and discuss your qualifications. Many companies will interview you and then send you letters of recommendation from past and current employees. Once you have been through the interview process and are recommended to a manager, they will go over the responsibilities of your job and provide information about the security officer training you will receive and how you can be better suited for the role. You will be presented with many security officer job opportunities, and the manager can help you decide on what career path to pursue. Most security companies provide employment opportunities throughout the United States, as well as Canada.