A security guard in the United States is considered to be an official police officer whose job is to provide public protection at a business, private institution, or other establishment. An individual who is a certified police officer and has been hired by a security company will be known as a security officer. A security officer is often employed by a private or public entity to provide public protection by implementing various preventative measures by enforcing stringent preventative rules to keep a business safe. I strongly suggest you to visit security guard to learn more about this.

While a number of security guards are employed for protecting establishments such as banks and shopping malls, some are employed to provide security at specific locations. For instance, an industrial park or a retail mall that offers many different types of businesses may need security guards to help maintain the peace between customers and vendors. Security guards may also be employed by the U.S. military to provide security on bases throughout the country and even abroad.

There are various different positions that an individual may hold within the security industry. Some security officers work in the uniformed category, while others are employed as part-time contractors or full time employees. Security guards in the armed forces have many different duties than those that are employed to protect a bank or a shopping mall. Although many security guards are employed in a variety of capacities, one of the most important duties that these individuals perform is ensuring the safety of those who occupy their work space.